Welcome to Resonate, a joint initiative between the Association of British Orchestras and the PRS for Music Foundation with funding from The Foyle Foundation.

Resonate celebrates the wealth of music commissioned and premiered by British orchestras from British based composers. Providing the first comprehensive overview of a generation's worth of new music, Resonate is an open resource that provides details of new works going back to 1990. Alongside instrumentation, duration and other basic information the site is rich with additional material including soundclips, videos, programme notes and links to view the score.

In addition, the PRS for Music Foundation is launching a new fund scheme to support performances of contemporary orchestral repertoire. UK based orchestras are invited to review the funding criteria and submit applications by September 2016. Successful applicants will receive grants of up to £10,000 towards the cost of mounting concerts including works from the Resonate database.

We hope you enjoy discovering and exploring the works listed here.

For more information about the funding available please visit Resonate Guidelines and FAQs - PRS for Music Foundation